Candor Capital provides multidisciplinary range of wealth management services to individuals, businesses, and multi-generational families. The firm specialises in risk-assessment and management of complex portfolios, using primary data, practicing globally-accepted valuation principles, and following the regulatory framework pertinaciously.


The team is backed by a robust back-office, which assures smooth transactions and dedicated support for the investors. Our distinct approach makes us a secure and long-lasting custodian for more than INR 1200 Cr.

Optimum Portfolio Exploration

Portfolio optimisation is a comprehensive process entailing collation, consolidation and construction of all the portfolio holdings, viewing and analysing them in context of the investor’s requirements and circumstances of life or business. The practice aims at lowering cost of generating sustainable wealth for the investor. If monitored and executed with care, portfolio optimisation results in sustainable cash flows for the investor and growth of the overall portfolio. Along wealth generation, it results in management of liabilities, if any, for an individual or institution. 

Portfolio optimisation involves collaborating investor’s circumstances and requirements, with capital market expectations to construct a portfolio which justifies the risk mandate provided by the client and generates sustainable return over foreseeable future.